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first of all, I want to acknowledge you!

Really, I really want. I want to acknowledge you for being so committed for your transformation and actually being on this website.

I can see clearly, that you are someone who really wants more from life. Who wants to access that potential, that true potential that it is inside and has been looking all the time to do it. I know, I was the same. You want to know yourself better, this is where self-development is coming from in the end, right?!…And also to know the other, your friends, colleagues, family, etc.


Get the best of this Exercise and Really Unleash Your Full Potential With This Revolutionary Tool

Voltura board Game

A board game?!
What is so special about it?

Yes, you read it perfectly. A board game. A different type of board game, actually. Let me tell you a little Why Voltura Game is a revolution for self development on why it is perfect for you!

Voltura Game is a new way to spend your free time/weekends.
Whether you are a parent who wants to spend quality time with family by sharing experiences and thoughts or wants to connect on a deeper level with his kids; or you are a group of friends who are looking for a “different type of fun”,  Voltura Game is great for both.

Besides this fun part, Voltura has also self-development included. By playing the game you have already discovered some insights about thoughts and beliefs that you have, that has stopped you to tap into your full potential while transforming every kind of relationship you have in all areas of your life.

The game has multiple choices to win and no luck is involved. Sometimes this can be very challenging as players are encouraged to get outside of their “comfort zone” and choose new and different ways to deal with tasks.
Overall Voltura Game is a great stress-free tool that will benefit you and your loved ones.

What is Voltura Game?

The game includes a wheel with 6 areas
( Love, Spirituality, Money, Health, Family, Friendships ),

a pack of 60 cards ( 10 cards/ per 6 categories), a dice and an hour glass.
Every category is special and unique in its own way. You are encouraged to use your imagination to resolve challenges and answer questions,
interacting with other players at all times.


How much of a leader are you?
Stop being the follower and be the leader
you have always wanted to be.

Interact with others inside the game. Share this power by  contributing to others and have fun together!


Confident in your own
Do funny and transformative challenges that will help you to discover new skills and talents about yourself and improve the quality of your relationships.


Are you a realist or a fantasist?
It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words. Use an image to access the intuitive and imaginative part of your brain and find solutions for your problems.


Past, Present or Future.
Which one do you live in now?
Answer a question and get wisdom about all areas of your life. Reflect, act  or share thoughts and experiences from your life, Connect deeply with other players.


How creative are you?Imagination is also for you, not only for kids.
Use your intuition to see the real power of a simple word to access information that will give you insights about your life


Fear of public speaking? 
Now it’s the perfect time to face it and overtake it! Inspire others by holding a speech about a subject that is important to you Speak freely in front of your friends for 2 minutes!

easy to learn

The game is simple, practical and effective.

To play the game:
To start, you need to roll the dice. The dice will show you which card to pick (category).
Then after that, you pick the card and read it out loud!

Next, you spin the wheel and answer the question according to what the wheel shows.
(For more information watch the video.)

After the task is finished, each player has the opportunity to ask you a question about
what you said. You have to answer all the questions. Then, it’s the next player’s turn.

The game consists of rounds.
A round is finished after the last player’s turn. After the round you have the choice
to offer 1 point to the player you like the most, except for yourself. 
In Voltura points are called ” Acknowledgments”. Every time you offer an acknowledgment you need to say WHY you decided that to the player of your choice.

To win, you need to acquire 5 points. However, in Voltura everybody wins,
even if you acquired 
5 acknowledgments or just 1.


happy customers


I think it's a great game! It's a game that I would love to play with my friends. It's a game that is constructive, which puts me into action. It's a learning curve to achieve the mastery of your life. The way the game is designed, it really is for everybody - it doesn't need a skill set, it doesn't need a particular type of person, it's a game that could be played by anybody. It's the type of game that me and my friends would love to play. I found it not only entertaining, but I found it also educational and it accelerates personal growth.
It has a great future!

John Martinez


Voltura Game seems a game, but in reality it is one of the most powerful relationships and self-help courses that you can ever participate in.
Some people are losing years in order to create solid relationships. 
Playing Voltura Game, you will strengthen your relationships with other participants In just a few minutes.
Moreover, you come to discover those parts of you on whom, before playing the Voltura Game, did not even
suspect that exist.

Bogdan Gribincea

Life & Executive Coach

Voltura Game connects me to people similar to me, with the same values as me and dedicated to their own life. I find myself in each player.
I believe that this game has high potential. In Voltura, you discover a lot about yourself and others - it doesn't matter if it's your girlfriend,
business partner or a stranger.

Victor Mihai

Product Designer, Entrepreneur

skip the small talk,
rediscover yourself

order Voltura game, NOW.