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Are you looking to adopt a millionaire mindset?

A millionaire mindset is not only about having 1 million $, but it is also more than that… The difference between someone who is successful and someone who is not is, undoubtedly… their mindset. The successful people have, what we call “a millionaire mindset”.
Neil will tell you what are some characteristics of a successful mindset.

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Would you like to know:

1. How to love taking risks in business
2. Have a million-dollar mindset
3. What defines an entrepreneur?

…if so this episode is perfect for you.

The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection in a FUN, NEW and interactive way.

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Our fourth guest is Neil Perry Gordon.

Neil Perry Gordon achieved his personal goal as an author of historical fiction with his first novel—A Cobbler’s Tale, published in the fall of 2018.

His creative writing methods and inspiration have been described as organic, this encourages his writing to offer surprising twists and unexpected outcomes, which readers have celebrated.

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How Adapt a Millionaire Mindset – TRANSCRIPT 

I’m very focused. When I get myself involved with something and I’m really dedicated to it, I use the word my mindset, so my mindset becomes locked in.

I am a novelist and I am locked in. My mindset is zeroed in on writing novels and like you said you want to… your goal is to have a million people who are subscribers to your podcast, I also want to be a best-selling author.

So my mindset is driven towards that goal and my behaviour will be to make sure I succeeded that. I do whatever it is that I need to do to make that happen, so I need to be not only a book writer but I also need to be a bookseller. I need to also use my marketing skills and helping create an audience for my books, so I try all sorts of different ways.

By going on podcasts, by doing social media, by writing blogs and doing interviews and getting book reviews and sending out a newsletter each month.

I do all those behaviors to satisfy the goals of my mindset.