June 22, 2020


Curious why adopting urgency
will change your life?

Think of one of your dreams right now. How many times you said, "I'll do it later?".  In this video, Josh explains how we changed his life after he decided to adopt urgency as a way of living.

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1. Adopting a Positive mindset
2. Seeking discomfort? Yes or NO?
3. Job vs business, which one is the best?

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Our sixth guest is Josh Bender.

With more than 68.000 followers, Josh Bender established himself as an influencer on Instagram.

Forever Break is an online travel and lifestyle magazine created by Josh and Jacinta Bender, after they decided to escape the high-stress, to-do-list-dominated lifestyles western culture.

Now Josh spends his life travelling the world, learning how other cultures live, laugh, and love and sharing his experiences along the way.

He also started a podcast that features experts in mindfulness.
Why? To provide you to escape the mundane and pursue your dreams.

Reach Josh:
website: https://foreverbreak.com/


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Adopting Urgency Will Change Your Life- TRANSCRIPT

Initially when I thought about travelling long term, it was something that I just thought I'll put off until I retire until I’m in my 60s and rather then...

I realized after thinking about it a lot of people don't get that long they might die earlier you know there's no guarantee how long you going to live.

So it's really to make each day count. I felt a sense of urgency and I didn't want to put off something until I was older until I did may not have the same quality of health, my body might not be as strong so why not do these things now?

And I had a sense that travel was going to change me into who I am.. so, I see the world in a different way I see myself in a different way and I'd rather have that earlier on in life then at the very end of it.

I guess that created a sense of urgency.

It's like not putting off life, not waiting until you know everything is just you know in this box, but saying all right “I'm willing to you know tip my life upside down and change things” and in my mind paid off.

That sounds really interesting and I'm looking at... it was it was something like a frustration in the middle? like something “oh I'm done of doing this I just want to do something more” or it was like “oh I wish I could do that” and then boom the urgency was like "hey, in 10 20 50 years you're going to die, what you're going to do?". Right? something like that...

So, what was there? That's what I'm looking.

Yeah. That's exactly... the sense of I can do this now it seems a little bit unusual at that time definitely was there's more people doing this sort of thing now and so I was willing to go against the grain at that time I ran my own business financially was fairly successful had a good car, a house all the rest of that and you know society tells you is sort of expected to do certain things and I didn't feel like it brought much satisfaction it didn't really you know..

When I stopped and thought about it, I thought it doesn't really make any sense just because everyone else is doing it, is not a good enough reason for me.

It's ever really made me question a lot of things and I'm sort of grateful for having that that time to reflect and sort of change the trajectory of my life.


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