July 7, 2020

Are You A Growth Minded Person? |Lauren Tickner - Voltura Game

Are You A Growth Minded Person?

When you are a growth minded type of person, you always want to get better and that's a bit of fine line and the question is " how present are you then?". In this video, Lauren Tickner shares with you how to balance these two.

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1) The #1 thing that allows you to have freedom in your business;
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3) How to live in gratitude and growth.

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Our tenth guest is Lauren Tickner.

Lauren Tickner is an influencer and also the founder of Impact School.

Impact School: Helping Entrepreneurs Start And Scale Online Coaching/Consulting Companies

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Are You A Growth Minded?- TRANSCRIPT

I think so many people do spend their lives not loving themselves.

They really criticize everything that they do they nitpick every element of themselves, and it's a really sad way to live because I think that if you're constantly...

Here's the difficult thing.

When you're a growth minded type of person you always want to do better you always want to improve.

And you always want to go and then that means that there's a bit of a fine line between wanting to get better but also appreciating the present moment because if you want to get better it means that you have to be dissatisfied with where you're at because otherwise, you're not going to be in a state where you want to improve.

But simultaneously if all you're focusing on is getting better it forces you to live in the future rather than appreciating the present time, which can cause you stress.

Which can cause you hardship which can prevent you from having deep and meaningful relationships?

And so having experienced this myself probably around a year ago all like had thought was my business just working burning my relationships to the ground and what ends up happening...

You have the money you have all the things that you want but you have no one else to celebrate it with and so I think it really comes down to living in a state where you appreciate where you are right now while striving for more but praising yourself based upon what you've done and been proud, I think that's what it comes down to.

Definitely! Certainly, if you are focusing all the time only on money as a growth-minded type of person, in the end, you will be rich and alone, like a lonely wolf.


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