July 24, 2020

Embrace Change And Miracles Will Happen | Creighton Wong - Voltura Game

Have you ever tried to embrace change?

Change is a natural process and what you will discover in this video is that, at the moment that you decide to embrace change, miracles will happen. Listen to Wong as he shares with you how he embraced change and what amazing thing happened to him.

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Would you like to know:
1)The Fearless Mindset
2) Entrepreneurship and curiosity as a lifestyle
3) Living as a Digital Nomad

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

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Our #13 guest is Creighton Wong.

Creighton Wong is the Founder of Exponential Clients, a digital marketing firm companies and it built on the belief that massively growing a business always starts with deep research and gathering the very best data.

Creighton is also a former competitive Para-Triathlete who, while missing a right leg and several digits on his hands, has finished the New York City Triathlon (twice); Escape From Alcatraz; and Ironman Oceanside."

Reach Creighton: exponentialclients.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/creightonwong/ https://www.facebook.com/creighton.wong


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Embrace Change And Miracles Will Happen- TRANSCRIPT

What would you say to someone that let's say this person really likes what you're doing right now, the digital nomad, to start being self-employed and travel and all of this but he has this fear.

Like “I can't go and travel because I'm alone”.
 “I  can't go and open a business because I'm afraid that I would fail.”

 What would you say to them?

Okay. Two things you know first day as far as the travel was concerned when I was looking to do the digital Nomad thing I wanted to go to Chiang Mai Thailand that was kind of the hot spot.

And I was all set and ready to go and then hacker paradise they actually reshuffled the schedule and then all of a sudden they were going to go to Danang Vietnam, Bali Indonesia and then Chiang Mai.

I was like:

 “Gosh do I wait until I go to Chiang Mai they go to Chiang Mai or do I just go to Danang?” .

And the conversation with myself was something along the lines of there's always a reason like there's always going to be an excuse and at some point you just got to go, because unless you take step forwards, unless you actually do things, the landscape doesn't change or your position in life doesn't change.

Your attitudes don't change, so if you want that change and you embrace that you just do it and I mean luck have it be I met a girl out there in Danang and we eventually got married.

So what if I didn't go to Danang and I waited for Chiang Mai? I would have missed out and my life would be completely different than it is now. So wonderful things await as long as you just you know you're just willing to go and then I also take a little bit of a lesson from Tim Ferriss.

He said look what's the worst thing that can happen to you right?

You're not going to end up in a ditch dead or anything like that. Your business fails you have to go back home right?
You have to get your mom to buy you a ticket to go home, because you can't afford one to go home. I mean it's just if that's the worst thing that can happen like it's really actually not that bad but we talk ourselves up in all the negative self-talk to talk ourselves out of things when wonderful things are just waiting for you right around the corner.


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