June 7, 2020

How to Build A Successful Business - Faustina Voltura Game Show PODCAST #1

Looking to know how you can build a successful business in 2020?

Discover how Faustina built her business for the past 7 years using social media.

Watch the entire episode here: Click

The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection.

Our first guest is Faustina Anyanwu.

Faustina is a serial entrepreneur- Co-founder of Divas of Colour International women's forum, Chief editor at C. Hub Magazine, publishing director at Faunteewrites Publishing - A wife and mother of 4.

Divas of Colour International Women’s Forum membership is designed to provide a vibrant, engaging and accessible career and business growth networking opportunities for ambitious women from around the world.

She is a multi-talented woman on a mission to inspire, motivate and empower other women to succeed.

Would you like to know how to use Linkedin effectively and the truth behind it?
How to identify business opportunities and use them to your success?
Are you curious to know how to never be stuck with your plans again?

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

How to Build a Successful Business - TRANSCRIPT

I reach out to people so many times, on Linkedin.

I can tell you. Perhaps, maybe if I reach out to 100 people sometimes maybe 1 or 2 will respond and... some will read your message and will not respond.

Some will not even read it, some are not active, so they might not see your message.

Some will know that they have a message, but they just... when they see the name or the face or... whatever, they might just decide to Hmmm...ignore.

So, there are so many reasons, people will say YES or NO, but that's their own choice, then... is not for me to decide, but, the only option I have is to do my own action, which is to reach out first.

Which is how I built my business for the past 7 years with social media. I use social media to reach even the most powerful or the least powerful people, who have helped me and people I've helped as well. And... I can't say... Anybody that wants to start a business must learn to reach out. And regardless of what could come up would that be YES or NO.

Yeah... That's the #1 thing. People sometimes get... And I've found myself sometimes I get stuck like "What if, what if..." Doesn't matter. It's just a fear that. Is not real.
Fear of rejection.

YEAH! Yeah and, in the end is not real, because Ok, you are rejected... SO WHAT?! There are millions of people in the world.


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