June 12, 2020

How To Have long-lasting Relationships - Voltura Game SHOW

Would you like to have long-lasting relationships?

Looking to discover what is the secret to having long-lasting relationships? In his entrepreneurial journey, Lee discovered that you can't be satisfied by being rich and not having relationships. You need both? WHY? Discover by listening to this video.

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Would you like to know:

1. What really matters? Your failures, or the lessons you take from them?
2. How to make failure your best friend?
3. What is the hidden key to your success?

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection.

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Our third guest is Lee Chambers.

Lee Chambers is a Wellbeing Consultant, Workshop Facilitator and Sleep Specialist.

Lee has qualifications in Performance Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Coaching, and Advanced Sleep Consultancy, and he delivers multi-discplinary workshops focused on improving performance and productivity through increasing employee wellbeing.

Lee’s Consultancy: https://leechambers.org

Twitter: @essentialise

Facebook/Instagram: @essentialisecoach

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lee-chambers-278a6518a/


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How to Have Long-Lasting Relationships - TRANSCRIPT

My last success in friendship was actually speaking to a friend, I've not spoken to for five years. I reached out to her after she had messaged me about my birthday.

And we then had a conversation about catching up when she's back in the country which is really very important as it was, we've been friends for a good amount of time, but I was quite often happened in the life you end up falling away from people.

She had moved out of the country and we weren't speaking not on terms of bad terms but I'm just the terms that we've done in very different directions with our lives.

And in so many ways when you're very busy, passionate about what you do sometimes you can kind of forget about the people that have been on your journey.

It's been something it's been it's been really good to just speak and we've spoken on quite a simple level, but on the basis that it would be really good for us and we're both in the same country to have a proper catch-up and just see what we've been doing.

She's now got a son and I've got two children who are now much bigger than when she last saw them. It's just great to reconnect with people, who've been on your journey who have understood and seen you evolve over the years, but also just life sometimes can take you away from people.

But it's always great to come back to people who are on a similar wavelength and again when you're on your deathbed you don't want to be in that place where you kind of think I wish I'd spent more time with my friends or I wish I stayed in contact with people, because that's one of the biggest regrets of many dying people didn't really prioritize the friendships and they lost contact with people and never really got back in contact with them again so that's been a big and conscious thing for me all those past few months.

Definitely, the thing is that people are most important right now and I think all of the time but like I think especially right now it's really good to be in contact and just get out of your mind and be in another person world.

And yeah like it's like when you said about you know when you're in your deathbed and in the end people are the one that matters is like popping my mind Steve Jobs quote.

When he said like on his deathbed that in the end people are the one that matters so it's is really interesting to see the same mindset the same belief and thoughts that Steve Jobs had to you and like it's it's very interesting. It's like people do really matter.

Yeah, it is interesting because you say it's true this is it. In the end is not about money or the car or whatever you had it's about the people that you had around you, the sum of 5 people.


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