June 9, 2020

Relationships Are Critical For Your Growth- Dravisha Voltura Game Show PODCAST #2

Why Relationships Are Critical for Your Growth?

In this short video, Dravisha Katoch explains why relationships are playing an important role in your business and growth, in general.

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Would you love to discover:

  1. How to be focused on your goals and fight procrastination?
  2. What's the unusual yet an important link between your growth, freedom, and friendship?
  3. How just keeping a smile could help you boost your mindset?
    ...if so this episode is perfect for you.

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Our second guest is Dravisha Katoch.

Dravisha is a young professional who loves to transform ideas into action for marketing, strategy making, and mental health initiatives.

Her first role as an Entrepreneur was when she joined LeanTrack as a founding team member where she led the marketing strategy and increased the revenue by 30x.

She is really passionate about what she's doing and has taken up numerous mental health initiatives which include Letters To Strangers.

She's the President of the Indian Chapter of this Californian Organisation. Her go-to motto of life is, "If you can think of it, You can do it.".

Relationships Critical for Your Growth  - TRANSCRIPT

So, what I would say here is I would connect friendships with freedom and I would say that our friendships in a way have helped me to step out of my boundaries.

It is one way that has given me freedom in the sense that my friends always, make me push my boundaries making me realize what I'm worth and they make me do things that I never expected to do.

I went for a hike into a wall channel back in Bali this year, so that was something I would never do but the kind of freedom that you know friends. Give me is that they push me making go beyond limits and they make me do things that I would never expect. So yeah, I would I would say that.

So what I'm hearing it's actually freedom in you being self-expressed and creatively and being comfortable with your friends because they allow you space to be yourself.

Yes, you get to be yourself around your friends and sometimes. You create your boundaries on your own that you don't even realize that you can step twist on these. So, they also help you achieve that, you know self-freedom so out of the things.

Hmm, so my question for you would be: “How would you advise someone to… if they want to have freedom in their friendship. How would you advise them? What would you say to them?”

I think a lot of people have that idea of not listening to even friends they are they living in the kind of shell and I would advise them that listen to your friends. Listen to the advice as they have to you.

Listen to what they have to say about you be it negative or positive and try and incorporate that try and be a better human being and allow yourself to explore those boundaries that you've created for yourself and step out of them.

So this is related to my answer in a way, but that is one advice that I would give to people. Allow yourself to come out of that shell and listen to your friends and explore that self-freedom that I was talking about earlier.

Hmm. Yeah, very good advice like to be curious to see all types of people and to be friends with them like I love yourself to experience all of these friendships.


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