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Looking for the best morning routine?
Would you like to know why is important to have an evening and a morning routine?

The biggest thing is to have an evening or morning routine. That can definitely change your life. By choosing the first thing in the morning to mediate or do something for yourself. Listen to Lee how is sharing some really valuable advice and tips for you to improve your morning routine.

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Would you like to know:

  1. How to sleep better? What are the best morning routines?
  2. How to make failure your best friend?
  3. What is the hidden key to your success?

…if so this episode is perfect for you.

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Our third guest is Lee Chambers.

Lee Chambers is a Wellbeing Consultant, Workshop Facilitator and Sleep Specialist.

Lee has qualifications in Performance Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Coaching, and Advanced Sleep Consultancy, and he delivers multi-discplinary workshops focused on improving performance and productivity through increasing employee wellbeing.

Lee’s Consultancy:

Twitter: @essentialise

Facebook/Instagram: @essentialisecoach



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The Best Morning Routine – TRANSCRIPT


So, that really change my life, when I decided that the first thing that I was going to do for my morning routine wasn’t to get my phone and fall into other people’s world, going to social media or email or news.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing I was going to do was going to my world. So, I would wash my face drink some water, and then I go and meditate. And that allowed me to then reflect on my world and not be in other people’s world.

And then I start to build other habits on top of that so, it started with meditating and then I stack habits on top of that. I start exercising and then I start journaling and then I started visualization. And this was my morning routine.

And I start doing even reading in the morning. And certainly, that morning left me feeling so positive, but also really understanding right what I have to do today.

I’ve been in my own world. I’m not being in other people’s world and that gives you so much positivity and you are moving forward.

Because of all the negative impulse and stimulus from the news and social media and all that. Don’t have that start you there. You get so much momentum and you take off like a rocket. And then on the other side, when you have a PM routine, which let you disconnect, and start relaxing and get you ready to sleep well.

That imposes you even more because a good night sleep it’s the fundamental driver of your health and performance. So if you can get a good PM routine, where you are not being on technology.

You are not working so late, that you can’t switch off and you got your bedroom, that is designed for sleeping, rather than other things.

When you build up together, for so many people they don’t really have control of the middle of the day.

That’s what my company does. Well, usually, you are early morning and you are late evening, you don’t have control over. You can build strong routines than, you will find you can go so much further.