June 19, 2020

The Key to Master Influence - Voltura Game Show PODCAST #5

Are you looking to adopt a millionaire mindset?

Are you interested in boosting your influence or to MASTER Influence? Being able to influence people is critical for your business success. In this video, Patrick is talking about what is the key to master influence.

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Would you like to know:

1. Business motivation and insightful tips for your business
2. How Focusing On 1 Can Lead You To 1.000.000?
3. How to be an influencer?

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection.

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Our fifth guest is Patrick M. Powers.

Patrick is the founder of the world’s 2nd biggest business meetup group with over 27,000 members, which is called Entrepreneurs in London.

He is one of the most connected businesspeople in London.

For over 20 years, Patrick has been teaching entrepreneurs and leaders, how to create more freedom, success and happiness.

He is the author of several highly acclaimed books and has been featured on BBC, Forbes and is a regular guest on some of the world’s biggest podcasts.

Reach Patrick
www.Linkedin.com/in/ patrickmpowers
www.Twitter.com/ patrickmpowers


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The Key to Master Influence - TRANSCRIPT

Influence is not just having a lot of people following you and I think that's where a lot of people they completely go wrong.

Obviously, if you have tons and tons of followers, you will gain influence, but for me, influence is actually something different. It's about understanding the brain.

How can I influence one person? Not how can I influence a million people. So, if you learn how to influence one person and that's the first step you must learn, you have created a foundation that most other people in business don't get around to because they're chasing the wrong kind of strategy, a strategy that will only work 2345 years from now on.

When their brand is there. You need to focus on becoming really good at the small one to one influence and once you learn that you can go out, you can sell people on your idea. If you can sell one person on your idea... like the other day, I was talking to a potential investor for one of my projects and I sold them on my idea.

And that could potentially open up for well, money and connections and all kinds of stuff. So, if you really want to understand influence you can sell right.

If you can't, if you don't understand, it doesn't really matter how many followers you have.


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