April 4, 2020

Eye-Opening Things To Do During Quarantine Every Day - Discover These 5 Simple Social Distancing Guidelines

Are you wondering what are some nice Things To Do During Quarantine Every Day?

Would you like to discover some tips about how to be resilient in front of social distancing?

Are you interested to know what will be available to you after you will read these 5 simple social distancing guidelines for self-quarantine?

GREAT! Keep reading then 🙂

The impact that the Coronavirus outbreak has on mental health and life, in general, is not to be neglected. In fact, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation has caused a lot of troubles and many people are now at home, self-isolated and worrying about “What will be next?”.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is an important subject and it didn’t start because of the CoronaVirus. These measures are well-established and have been discussed and planned for many years, including as part of the Government’s preparations for a flu pandemic.

Simply said, when we think about social distancing, we say that is temporarily reducing socialising in public places such as entertainment, sports events or travelling.

Besides the normal boredom that may be present when you suddenly find yourself with a lot of time and no work to do, what Coronavirus does to you, as a result of social distancing, is affecting your well-being in general without you being aware of that.

Here are 5 Simple Social Distancing Guidelines that will open your eyes, so you will be more confident, healthy and at ease :

1. Meditate, Laugh, Watch something funny.

In times of self-quarantine, it is important to keep positive energy around us.
Every day, we are starting our day doing something that will calm and focus our minds, such as meditation or yoga.

We discovered that by doing so, not only we feel more energized and ready to start our day, but more than that our creativity and dopamine (happiness hormone) level are improved => more happiness and fewer worries.

2. Watch a TEDx Speech or an inspirational movie.

One of our favourite movies is called “Bucket List”, this movie gave us an insight into how important our life is and that we can do anything we want to do now and also how we can enjoy every moment in our lives.

Give it a try! You will love it. Everything that is inspirational and can have a positive impact on you is welcome and beneficial for your well-being. Imagine if every day you are watching a TEDx motivational video about following your dreams. How your life would be?

Now, imagine every day you are watching and listening to the news that is talking about how many people are affected by the CoronaVirus and how many already lost hope. Bad news, bad results.
Which one sounds better?

Well-being is a matter of choice. Choose the right information and the right things to do during quarantine every day.

3. Journaling, read books, dream, plan your life, look at what you would like to accomplish.

Picture this. Is 2030, you are 10 years older, what have you accomplished? What dreams have you fulfilled? Where have you been? What are you the most grateful for what happened with you? What would you like to do now? Everything in life as an opportunity. Keep your vision high and your mindset focused on growth and development, rather than fear.

Every week, we are looking at "What is something we would love to do NOW without being constrained by anything?", this week was to create a WebApp.

The CoronaVirus phenomenon almost stopped all the plans that I had in my mind. Most of our clients came from events.
We were hosting weekly/bi-weekly events in which we promoted the game.

Also, being a social/connection/relationship game the human factor is critical for the game to works.

So, here I am in front of my computer trying to find a lot of solutions to "fix" the situation and I'm sharing with my partner that " I'm concerned that this is it for Voltura", frustrated, angry and disappointed. And after having a brainstorming conversation with her, we got the solution!"How about we create a web app and still keep people connected with each other, even in this CoronaVirus period?"

Said...and done. We are already working on the web app version for Voltura Game and in 1 week it is expected to be launched. We are excited to see how this will go and we are confident that will be a big success, probably bigger than what we have done before. Conclusion? See everything as an opportunity and don't give up.

Keep dreaming and dream big.

4. Freelancing.

One of the biggest impacts of the CoronaVirus is of course....the workplace. A lot of business went bankrupt. And a lot of people are now unemployed. Solution? Freelancing.There a lot of platforms online and a lot of people that are waiting for you to help them. What are your talents? What people are keep telling you that you are good at?

What is something you would love to learn? How about you can monetize that?
What needs to be done, so you can generate the money that you want?
Freelancing is a powerful social distancing thing to do, simple and fun.

Platforms to consider:




5. Talk with the people you care about and they care about you.

Or just share yourself and your concerns with your friends/family.
Messaging, video messaging, calls, chats, etc.

There are a lot of ways to interact with people and have fun, you just have to google it and you will find a lot of new ways
to interact with people. How about playing pool online? Or maybe chess? Or participate in a watch party on Facebook.
Or be part of some groups that you may be interested in.

There are a lot of things to do during quarantine every day with your friends/family or even with strangers. It is important to keep your mindset high and to talk about your concerns. Sharing helps you to connect with people and also with yourself, sharing is caring. Make sure that the conversations are focused on development and growth.

To support you in that, we have created Voltura, which is a self-development game that allows you to create a deep connection with anyone, anywhere in less than 30 seconds and by doing so, you are able to tap into your full potential.Our vision is to expand human greatness and human potential. Voltura Game promotes connection and helps you strengthen your relationship and discover who you really are. With Coronavirus around the world, now it’s the time to have people connected, no matter what and to break all the boundaries. Keep dreaming, keep speculating, share your thoughts and find solutions, ask yourself questions that you didn’t ask before and look all the time for opportunities.

What are some nice and simple Things To Do During Quarantine that you are doing Every Day? We invite and encourage you to share with us below!


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