June 7, 2020

This Coronavirus is an Opportunity for You - Faustina Voltura Game Show PODCAST #1

CoronaVirus is an Opportunity for YOU - NOW, WHY?

This is what Faustina did to create every situation as an opportunity. Get access to her mindset, now.

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The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection.

Our first guest is Faustina Anyanwu.

Faustina is a serial entrepreneur- Co-founder of Divas of Colour International women's forum, Chief editor at C. Hub Magazine, publishing director at Faunteewrites Publishing - A wife and mother of 4.

Divas of Colour International Women’s Forum membership is designed to provide a vibrant, engaging and accessible career and business growth networking opportunities for ambitious women from around the world.

She is a multi-talented woman on a mission to inspire, motivate and empower other women to succeed.

Would you like to know how to use Linkedin effectively and the truth behind it?
How to identify business opportunities and use them to your success?
Are you curious to know how to never be stuck with your plans again?

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

This Coronavirus is an Opportunity for You - TRANSCRIPT

What has made me who I am?

First of all I think is my childhood and my growing up with the experiences that I had one.

One of those experiences was that my parents were separated when I was very young and I grew up taking a lot of responsibilities taking care of my siblings and in fact fending for myself because there are so many times when my mom as a teacher didn't have enough to deal with the situation so I grew upbeing very responsible from long time even from five years.

And I grew up having to pay attention to my innermost desires for example from a long time ago I've always wanted to be my own boss to have business I have big ideas I've always had big idea so anytime I want to make a decision I will ask myself if I do this how will he lead me today?

So I start thinking faster and deeper there beyond my mate before you know more than my mates you know when my mates are still in the level of you know thinking I'm going to make money or you know to disturb their parents.

I was already going forward to start working at the age of 21 I've already started working and paying school fees for my siblings so it's been my life has been the one of I have to be focused because I know that I have to I don't have enough people you know I don't have enough...

I don't have anything to fall back to and I don't want to I don't want to disappoint myself I don't want to disappoint my mom who has worked so hard and I wanted to prove myself that...

Being raised by a single mother, in a situation that you might not desire...  Your situation cannot determine! That's the point Your situation can't determine who you are going to be. it's all compound to you so when people give me excuses that they don't do because they have this and that.

That's why they became arm drop. Those are excuses. You can always use your situation to create a perfect life for yourself regardless of what it be so that is what... that mindset is what has really helped me to grow each time when I meet any challenges in my life I go back to how well there was I able to come through those times?

How did I defeat those challenging times when I didn't even have power, so it was all because of my own imagination. I've always imagined myself being successful and that has been it? YEAH! imagine being successful and what I'm hearing is .? never forget started or when you started but don't let that decide who you are today so don't let yourself influenced by the situation or the circumstances.


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