June 7, 2020

Use this Growth Mindset when Feeling Stopped - Faustina Voltura Game Show PODCAST #1

Are you feeling stopped in your business or in your life?
Would you like to have a growth mindset?

Faustina knows exactly what is a growth mindset and she integrates it 100% in what she's doing. This is how she succeded in life and in her businesses, as a serial entrepreneur.

Watch the entire episode here: Click

The Voltura Game SHOW is designed to bring together the best minds of our times so that YOU can have access and integrate their mindset, behaviour and business lifestyle, as a result, YOU can access your inner perfection.

Our first guest is Faustina Anyanwu.

Faustina is a serial entrepreneur- Co-founder of Divas of Colour International women's forum, Chief editor at C. Hub Magazine, publishing director at Faunteewrites Publishing - A wife and mother of 4.

Divas of Colour International Women’s Forum membership is designed to provide a vibrant, engaging and accessible career and business growth networking opportunities for ambitious women from around the world.

She is a multi-talented woman on a mission to inspire, motivate and empower other women to succeed.

Would you like to know how to use Linkedin effectively and the truth behind it?
How to identify business opportunities and use them to your success?
Are you curious to know how to never be stuck with your plans again?

...if so this episode is perfect for you.

Use This Growth Mindset  - TRANSCRIPT

So that was your card. Now, the next step, Faustina, Questions.

If there would be a BUT. A what? a BUT.
Not with TT, just one. So if there would be a BUT in you... it would be like "Yes! I want to do this. I want to go this dream destination...BUT" lalalalalalalala.

What will be that and how you can tweak it? Ok, yes.

I would like to go to this dream destination which is visiting Kenya, but, because of the low-cost that it's happening at the moment I might have to you know rethink it I might have to you know check with my travel agent oh you know check if they look cool to me, they'll try to do more research to find out the areas that are more affected or to know how affected the area is and also.

I'll check with security in terms of the that is some extremist terrorist group that operates sometimes in Kenya so I would like to find out if there are any notices from both the governments of the country and from UK government.

If there are any messages from the ambassador Das Kapital the home office is there any warnings and also I would check the history of the attacks so that I would know I'll be able to have idea the areas that usually good to try to avoid those areas so my security would be utmost importance.


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