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Do you have a goal in mind?
Is there something that stops you
in taking action NOW?

With Knowing Nothing, You can still do everything, however there is one important aspect to be considered, Jeremy will tell you in this video.

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Our eighth guest is Jeremy Rundle.

Jeremy Rundle is a serial entrepreneur who uses his extensive travel experience to influence his audience positively while guiding them towards being happy in life and building the life they deserve filled with happiness.

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of AV Digital Marketing – A Digital Marketing Agency with a specific focus on professional practices and The Startup Crew – A mentoring platform for new startups and budding entrepreneurs.

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Do everything with knowing nothing- TRANSCRIPT

Even though I knew nothing of the field it’s not impossible.

You can do whatever you set your mind to as long as you have a belief in what you do. There are too many people that have this the mindset of “crap I can’t do this or oh shit what are other people going to think about me? What’s the family going to say?”

My philosophy that is to… You do whatever the hell makes you happy and if you believe it can work as long as you have the belief it can work. That’s very important.

Believe in yourself and have that mindset, yeah… Exactly. You can achieve whatever you want in life, as long as you believe in yourself and you don’t care about the negativity that people throw you away.

Most of the time they do this because they’re intimidated and they are scared that you might be actually successful.