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 I want to acknowledge you for being so committed for your transformation and actually being on this website.

I can see clearly, that you are someone who really wants more from life. Who wants to access that potential, that true potential that it is inside and has been looking all the time for it. I know, I was the same. You want to know yourself better, this is where self-development is coming from in the end, right?!… And also to know the other, your friends, colleagues, family, etc.


And that Is WHY I would love to spend my time and give you more value and 

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What Are Others Already Saying About Our Services

Alexandru Capalău
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Sebastian Radu
Sebastian Radu
I've had the pleasure of working with Alex on multiple projects. the most recent one was his DREAM system to achieving... your goals and objective. Really wonderful coach. I highly recommend working with him!read more
Veronica Wrobel
Veronica Wrobel
I attended Alexandru's DREAMS workshop and really thought it was brilliant. I am a very visual person and his technique... and methodology were powerful in allowing me to see which were the next steps to take action more
Antonio Franco
Antonio Franco
An Incredible session with Alexandru, Methodology of DREAMS had me see what was possible past what I had already thought
Flavio Affinito
Flavio Affinito
I attended Alexandru Capalău's workshop on the DREAMS methodology and it was great! He is a truly inspirational... speaker and has great delivery. I got from his workshop how I have been reluctant to deliver on my dreams because I do not have a deadline for them. From attending I can now see what blocked me from doing so and taking action. I feel free and light in a sapce where I can take action to speed up living my more
Arjun Prema
Arjun Prema
I just did the DREAMS System Session with Alexandru and it was completely eye-opening and moving. I have done a lot of... personal development programs myself but what I got from this session with Alexandru is how much I avoid personal questions. And that when I actually engage in the question personally I get so much more out of it. After doing the session I am now inspired to go and share personally my dreams and have tools to make a difference with them. 🙏read more
Amelya G Goldy
Amelya G Goldy
I just had a session with Alex and it was amazing! I wanted help and guidance with increasing my visibility as a healer... and he went into depth as to what steps I can take based on my personality type. It was very interesting and helpfulread more
Mihaela Ioja
Mihaela Ioja
Eladie Bumbar
Eladie Bumbar
Alex este un coach pe care il recomand oricui cu caldura. Fiecare dintre noi suntem pusi in diferite situatii de... incertitudine, cu Alex poti hotara usor si sigur care este cel mai bun drum pentru tine😉read more
Ioana Burdusel
Ioana Burdusel
George Mădălin Marin
George Mădălin Marin
Alex e un tip cu multa ambitie si pe care l-am vazut ca se dedica in ceea ce face. Sedinta de coaching pe care am... avut-o m-a ajutat sa imi dau seama de cateva raspunsuri pe care le more
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