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14th February 2020, start at 5pm in Central London

Every Day is Valentines is a one day full of fun and inspiration

in which you will experience a breakthrough in the quality of

your relationships and connection with others.

Why Choose Us

We are standing for people being empowered, deeply connected, fulfilled in their relationships
and life in general. This is our mission.


Meet new people and be fully
self-expressed, empowered and inspired to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your relationship and
in life in general.


Experience a new level of love, that is all about acceptance; acceptance for who you & others are and who you & others are not.


Be free to choose powerfully to continue being in a relationship ( if you are in one) or if you want to create a new one, rather than coming from a place of scarcity, you now come from a place of abundance.


Yes, you read it right, we are confident that you will have the best experience ever on Valentine’s Day

and more than that you will leave the event empowered to create a 2020 that you will never forget.


That’s why we are looking for people who are committed and will be present at the event.
If you are in this category, Request Invite, below.
*limited spots

what will you do in the event?

You will have the opportunity to play Voltura Game – a fun game that allows YOU to create a deep connection, with anyone, anywhere
in less than 30 seconds and, by doing so, you are able to tap into your full potential.

"a game that is not a game"

“Voltura is nothing like any other board game I’ve ever played!
It’s about connecting people in a whole new and powerful way!

Playing Voltura encapsulates FUN, WANDER, SELF-DISCOVERY, AUTHENTICITY and LOVE for people!
I highly recommend it!”

Nadia S, UX designer Utility Warehouse

Every Day is Valentines - 2020/02/14 - Central London








Let’s Play Love!

February 14, 5pm-10pm
Central London